We have a team of experts in each field of expertise who are able to help our client more assertively, effectively and fairly, providing high standard legal services that are recognized not only in Brazil, but also in the international legal market.

Through a solid and consolidated trajectory, but always seeking innovation, ABDO´s mission is to practice law with ethics and commitment, contributing to positive changes in society.

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Founded in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, in May 1990, ABDO arises from the desire of the couple Jamil and Nádia ABDO to put customer satisfaction first, creating a new method of exclusive and personalized service for each case.

Since then, there have been many battles and success stories. During this period, the office expanded and now has a head office also in Porto Alegre/RS, maintaining services in Novo Hamburgo/RS, and operating throughout Brazil.

Today, there are 10 highly specialized partners who personally accompany each case that arrives at the firm, in addition to having an extensive legal body. ABDO´s professionals are prepared to deal with all situations, completing a trajectory of success in constant expansion, without ever leaving aside the main objective: treating your case as unique.

Even though it has been in the market for three decades, ABDO continues to update, adding interest in global changes and technological innovations to its priorities. In this way, ABDO believes that it achieves the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, always for the benefit of the customer.

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